(2kW two-tone PEP/CW output into 50 ohms unless specified otherwise)

Frequency coverage

All bands from 1.8MHz to 30MHz


Linear class AB2, cathode driven

Output power SSB

2kW PEP typical, ~3kW max

Output power CW

2kW typical, ~3kW max

3rd order IMD

-38dB or better below PEP output @ 2kW


< -40dBc


15 dB to 17 dB typical, depending on band and loading

Efficiency @ 2kW CW

65% - 70% typical, depending on band/power

Anode voltage

4.4kV no load, 4.0kV bias, 3.6kV @ max CW load

Tube type

(2) Eimac 3CPX800A7

Bias current class AB2

90mA total both tubes, approx. V bias 16V

Mains voltage

240VAC 1 phase

Tuning method

Manual, remote control; phase detector tuning aid

Size (H,W,D)

Power supply 11", 17", 22"

Amp 11", 17", 27"

Remote 5", 4", 2"


Power supply 100 lb

Amp 65 lb

Controller type


Fault protection

grid current, anode current, reflected power, HV low, low air pressure, HV step-start failed