(two-tone 5000W PEP output into 50 ohms unless specified otherwise)

Frequency coverage

7.0-7.3 MHz, 14.0-14.35 MHz

Modes (bias selectable)

SSB class AB2, CW class AB2-B, cathode driven

Output power SSB

5kW PEP typical

Output power CW

5kW typical

3rd order IMD

-35 dB or better below PEP output


< -40 dBc


15 dB to 17 dB depending on mode and loading

Efficiency SSB / CW

52% / 72% on 40m; 45% / 67% on 20m

Tube type

Eimac YC156

Anode voltage

7 kV no load, 5.8kV @ max sustained CW load

Bias current class AB

280 mA, approx. 30 V bias

Class C bias voltage

approx. 65 V

Mains voltage

240 VAC 1 phase

Mains current

31 A rms, 40A max

Tuning method

manual with presets; phase detector for future auto tuning option


standard 19" wide, 29.25" high (without wheels), 29" deep


270 lbs

Controller type


Directional coupler fwd, ref coupling factor

64.1 dB

Fault protection

grid current, anode current, reflected power, HV low, low air pressure